Abecedario del Sur: the beginning of a journey


I begin with the letter A: Anticipation, Apprehension, Amazement, Afraid, and Anxious. These words describe my current feelings toward the journey I am about to embark on. I recently won an Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Research and Development grant to continue work on my alphabet book Abecedario del Sur. This project explores the typography of the south side of Tucson, Arizona. The images from the book are already collected and my new directive is to collect the stories behind each letter in the book. I want to uncover the humanity behind the photographs I have taken. So many people snap pictures of the barrios in Tucson, but those people haven't lived there, haven't talked to residents, haven't really experienced anything but an aesthetic appreciation for a worn out painted sign. I don't want to be one of those artists. So against my natural disposition to not talk to strangers, I will be marching into the buildings in my photos and chatting with whoever is willing to talk to me. I am excited, terrified, and worried. I have no idea what I will find out, where my journey will take me, or who I will be at the end of it. Have introverts been known to become extroverted? Or will all these extroverted excursions send me further into a state of reclusion. Who knows? Stay tuned to my blog and take this journey with me!

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