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About the Project

The Talking  Mural is a site-specific interactive mural that celebrates the rich history and stories of the businesses along S. 12th Ave. The mural uses interviews collected by Artist Alex Jimenez as a part of her larger project Abecedario del Sur.  The Mural depicts images from select stories and highlights the business names with beautiful hand painted signage, honoring the tradition of hand painted signs found along La Doce.  Viewers can listen to the interviews by scanning a QR code painted on the wall.  The Mural was a collaborative project between Alex Jimenez and Johanna Martinez.  Together they concepted the layout of the mural and painted the wall with many different volunteers lending a hand along the way.  


To Learn More about Johanna's Work:


Instagram: @materiaprima1


The Talking Mural Volunteers: Nelda Ruiz, Claudio, Blessing V., Imelda Cortez, Amy Brueggeman, Amy Krier, Jenna Tomasello, Alaina Pierce, and Rene.

SPONSORS & CONTRIBUTORS:  Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, Southwest Folklife Alliance, Tierra y Libertad, Los Amigos Meat Market, Los Portales Restaurant & Alejandro's Tortilla Factory, Arizona Palms Tinting

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